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Minnesota allows for a voting process called Early Voting. Unlike Absentee Voting by mail, Early Voting allows you to vote prior to Election Day at City Hall. The cities of Columbia Heights, Hilltop, New Brighton and Saint Anthony participate in early voting  weekdays during business hours. You can have a voice in who
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Tim Utz
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Early voting starts Friday September 21, 2018 and closes
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Why Tim is a No Vote for Columbia Heights School Bond



Saint Anthony Chamber of Commerce candidate forum 10/24/18.

Question: should Minnesota be a sanctuary state?

Answers by MN HD41-B candidates Mary Kunesh-Podein (DFL) and Tim Utz (independent).


Castle Doctrine

A free people should have no expectation of violence upon their person. I support the principles of "Castle Doctrine". I also support no duty to retreat when presented with emanate violence or death.

When such violence is present retreating may expose one to additional harm. Retreating should be solely up to the recipient of violence and vigorously defended by the state, free from legal prosecution for the consequences of the force used in self-defense.


Human life, like all forms of life, begins at conception. Distinct from all other forms of life, humans are created in the image of God. A woman who has become pregnant is no longer just a single being, because she has another human being within her.  Protecting the life of the mother as well as the unborn child is in the interest of a civil society.

Abortion is not about the circumstances of how any woman became pregnant, but rather the condition of pregnancy. A right to terminate another life is not automatically afforded to anyone, including a pregnant woman. I will instead support a culture of life from the point of conception to natural death. 
Right to Bear Arms-2

Our U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms.  The right of bearing arms is foundational to a free people. The Founders purposefully reinforced the power of people over the government in our Bill of Rights, because they knew first hand the dangers of having an unchecked government under English rule.  It was not created to protect the right of hunting, using guns for sport, or even personal protection from harm. The right to bear arms is there to protect a free people from their government while preserving God granted liberty.

Jury nullification-4

A legal process where a jury can find the charges being put against the accused are unfit, miss applied or not valid, thus nullifying the charges and freeing the accused. I strongly support a state wide courtroom requirement as part of juror’s first day training includes full disclosure to everyone the jury nullification process.

Repeal the 17th Amendment

A balance of national powers between the states and people was established to control the national government. Article 1 Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution established the membership of the Senate be forged from the state Legislatures choosing their Senators. Those Senators’ votes were then beholden to the will of each respective state. 

The 17th amendment passed in 1913 removing the states' powers over the national government. This action destroyed the founder’s balance of powers that protected the states control over the national government.

From 1913 until today our republic and individual liberties continue dissolving from the acid of an unchecked national government bent on total power and dominance of our society. I support a total repeal of the 17th amendment, returning the U.S. Senate to control of our respective states.

National Guard Overseas

I find no powers of the national government to usurp state powers by force or corrosion to conscript Minnesota National Guard personal for skirmishes around the globe.

Only through the Congress declaring war (which has not happen after WWII) can the National government enlist Minnesota National Guard members for combat or service in domestic or foreign lands. I will use every opportunity as Representative to permanently return our National Guard members home.

Unions Collectively

Labor is the value of God granted abilities finding value in society. A free people have an ability to negotiate the value of individual labor. Likewise those same free people have a right to negotiate their labor collectively thus creating a union of labor. Tyranny resides when government uses the powers of force to require or prohibit free people to collectively bargain their abilities.

I support the principles of a free people collectively bargaining their abilities. Whether an organization provides good service or not, is the responsibility of the collective members to control not the government’s right to prohibit.

Constitutional Government

Our form of government is a Constitutional Representative Republic, not a democracy as the vast majority of citizens think.

In recent decades state government has proposed multiple amendments to our state constitution related to budgeting and restricting liberty. The constitution is not designed for these purposes.

 The purpose of our state and federal constitutions is preserving our God granted liberties as expressed in the preambles; a chain against government intrusion, usurping liberty while defining limits on civil powers.

Rank Choice Voting

The ballot box is not a place to practice 31 flavors. The individual has 1 opportunity to vote, that vote carries great responsibilities for the voter. We vote the candidate on Election Day leaving the results to the community.  LINK

1 Genesis 1:27, 28 Thus God created the man in his image: in the image of God created he him: he created them male and female. And God blessed them, and God said to them, Bring forth fruit, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the heaven, and over every beast that moveth upon the earth.

2-Bear Arms
A declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, now met in General Congress at Philadelphia, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms.   LINK

4-Jury Nulification
Website link


Minnesota constitution Article 13, Section 1, Uniform system of public schools: The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people, it is the duty of the legislature to establish a general and uniform system of public schools. The legislature shall make such provisions by taxation or otherwise as will secure a thorough and efficient system of public schools throughout the state.

The Minnesota Constitution calls out for public funding of education. In those requirements I do support the principles of public education and will vote the necessary regulations and funding.

Unfortunately, over the last 5 decades a behemoth self-serving bureaucracy has entrenched itself in education. The emotional rally cry of “it is for the children” continues to fund unaccountable education at the expense of taxpayers; as a result, public education benefits from massive funding by feeding off the emotions of parents and the community. 

I admit the subject of fixing Minnesota education is long, hard and tough but a real priority if Minnesota intends to be a leader in our country.

I am up for the challenge of bringing to the legislature action on dealing with Minnesota education. There needs to be a real conversation on how the state constitution provides for education. Minnesota has gone so far there is a constant conflict between the Legislators constitutional duty in providing for education and the uncontrolled educational bureaucracy. Our children’s financial future depends on their parents returning to constitutional basics of preserving our republic.

Eminent Domain

Private property once secured with free title is a right protected by ownership. Government does not have powers to seize such free and clear lands from owners unless for clearly stated public use. Compensation is equal to the value being sold by property owner. I hold to the concept only the state have such powers of emanate domain not local, county or other agencies.

Giving Aid to Others

In the Bible, Luke 10: 25-37 contains the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Jesus gave personal direction on how we, as individuals, are to meet the needs of others. The Good Samaritan responded with personal action. 1. meeting the needs of those who’s paths we cross 2. using personal resources to meet other’s needs 3. pay off obligational commitments 4. going beyond the call to follow-up care 5. feel compassion.

We as communities across the country have become dependent on government at every level and in almost every aspect of society to render aid on our behalf. We have replaced the Good Samaritan’s example “of personally meeting the needs of others” with government programs; thus insulating us from personal contact and emotional connection with others.


Our society thrives on debt. The Bible is full of examples of handling money, finances and debt. Debt is an indication of wanting "now" rather than waiting for assets to provide payment.  In the early 2000's our family experienced personal financial growth while building our small business. During the financial crash of 2008 we lost everything. It took us 10 years to make a full recovery.

Many economic advisors are warning of another recession (economic adjustment) on the near horizon. Institutions, public entities, and individuals indebted to others will be hit the hardest.

I strongly discourage the bondage of debt in the public finance. I do not believe individuals should use debt as a tool for personal financial expansion. Business debt is inherent in every startup but should be minimized quickly as possible.


An inherent evil in every society are taxes to pay the cost of civil order. The first actions our early founders took were creating a government to provide civil order in the new colony. That document “The May Flower Compact” of November 21, 1620 is a must read for everyone. LINK

In every society government naturally grows. Our Founding Fathers recognized this natural growth when creating our Republic establishing checks and balances in the national and state constitutions including taxes to pay for civil order in the new government.

Over the decades what our Founding Fathers feared would happen did, government dominating every aspect of our society. The excessive domination requires an abusive taxing structure infesting every aspect of our lives. Taxes so prevalent in direct and hidden forms we have become accustom, excepting and in some cases welcoming of the theft at the cost of our liberty.

I meet many people in the district just fed up with the never ending taxation across their livelihood. I remind them the only cure for taxes is a return to personal responsibility, self-control, being a free people and SMALLER government. Nothing short of those changes in our communities, state and national levels will reduce the burden of government in the form of taxes.

Asset Forfeiture

Constitutional due process is fundamental to a free people. Asset Forfeiture is a direct assault of this principle. The arbitrary action of the state to take your vehicle, savings, property, real estate, home, weapons, cash, cellphone, personal papers, and belongings, just to name a few, must never be supported through Asset Forfeiture.

Government has expanded the process of asset forfeiture that none of the constitutional requirements are applied. I further believe only a jury of the accused peers has the power in a courtroom setting to make asset seizure a reality. Never individual or group of judges.

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